Beauty Tip Tuesday | Tips for Headache Relief

Headaches, they can get pretty bad at times. Instead of staying up all night Googling cures, try these 15 fast headache remedies. They might not cure you completely, but in the height of a migraine, anything is worth a try.

  • Drink water. It sounds simple, but many headaches are caused by dehydration.
  • Give yourself a scalp massage. Research has shown that massaging the greater occipital nerve (the back of your head at the base of your skull) can relieve headache pain.
  • Press the webbed area between your thumb and pointer finger. Lightly massage the spot for about one minute before switching to the other hand.
  • Stretch. Headaches are often caused by muscle tension. Simple neck stretches like these could help relieve some of the tension.
  • Eat watermelon. Yep, if your headache is caused by dehydration, eating water-rich foods could relieve your pain by rehydrating your whole body.
  • Massage peppermint oil onto your temples, the back of your jaw and your forehead. Peppermint oil has been shown to promote blood flow, which might get things moving in your head.
  • Breathe deeply. When you feel pain, your body gets stressed. Deep breaths will help you relax and could ease some of the tension.
  • Drink a cup of coffee. Headaches are often caused by the expanding of blood vessels. The caffeine in coffee constricts these blood vessels, bringing them back down to normal size.
  • Drink apple cider vinegar. Dilute two tablespoons of ACV into a big glass of water and add a little honey or lemon juice to make it more palatable. Apples and ACV help restore the body’s acid-alkaline balance and could help with headache pain.
  • Hold a pencil between your teeth…but resist the urge to gnaw on it. Lightly holding the pencil between your teeth activates your “smile” muscles, relaxing your jaw. We sometimes clench our teeth when we’re stressed, and straining the muscle that connects the jaw to the temples can cause a tension headache.
  • Drink ginger tea. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that could alleviate some pain.
  • Apply ice to your temples. The artery that supplies blood to the lining of the brain sits behind the thin bone at the temple. When you’re having a migraine, the lining gets inflamed, so lowering the temperature of the blood passing through that area could relieve some of the throbbing.
  • Take a hot shower. And let the water fall on the back of your neck. Heat relaxes tense muscles, which could also alleviate the pain caused by a headache.
  • Eat something spicy. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper onto your food. Cayenne contains an ingredient called capsaicin, which has some control over our pain perception.
  • Meditate. Quieting the mind and focusing your attention away from the pain you’re experiencing could work in distracting yourself from a headache until it goes away. Breathe in, breathe out.

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Beauty Tip Tuesday | Uses for Vicks VapoRub

Many people turn to Vicks when they have a cold or stuffy nose.  There are many other uses for this wonder cream.

Treats Eczema

If you suffer from this condition, apply Vicks on the affected area and stop the inflammation and itching that you have and feel.

Reduces the muscle pain

Take Vicks VapoRub and massage the muscles and then cover them with a warm towel. Try to relax until the pain vanishes. If you want to have better results, then repeat the procedure three times a day.

Skin moisturizer

If you have dry skin, a little bit of Vicks VapoRub can make miracles. Just put it on your skin and the results will be inevitable.

Acne treatment

Put the cream on the affected areas on your skin. It will dry the acne and other skin problems, and release you from the skin ignition.

Release from the chest obstruction and cough

This is the reason of the Vicks popularity. You can treat the chest obstruction and cough from the cold with it.

Keeps your cat away from scratching

Put the Vicks everywhere in your home, so you can protect the furniture to be screeched by your cat.

Stretch marks

Put the cream on your stretch marks every day, and after 2 weeks you will have stunning results. You will lower their appearance.


Sinus headaches

If you want to get rid of the sinus headache, just put the cream under the nose. Inhale deeply, and release from the headache, because of the menthol in the cream which can relax you and to calm down the headache.

Keep Stress Low During Back to School

School is back in full swing and so is the crazy fall routine. School, sports, work, homework, housework, it seems like the list will never end. It’s enough to stresses us all out. We need to learn to take some time to relax. Instead of trying to fit in an hour at a spa, (which we do highly recommend at some point), but when our schedules are booked to the max, there are a few stress relieving practices you can try out.


Try to take a few minutes of meditation per day. Mediation is a great way to help ease anxiety and can make you more resilient to stress. Sit up straight and close your eyes. Focus your attention on reciting a positive repetition. Work on letting distracting thoughts leave your mind and sync your repetitions with your breathing.

Check in with your Breathing

Take a 5-minute break and focus on your breathing. Doing a few deep-breathing techniques, reduces the effects of stress by slowing down your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure. Sit up straight, eyes closed and slowly inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Feel the breath start in your abdomen and work its way to the top of your head. Reverse the process as you exhale through your mouth.

Stay in Touch

Stay in contact with your family and friends. Use your social networks to handle stress. Talk to people throughout the day, if you can face to face, but at least on the phone. Share what’s going on in your day and keep connected.

Wind Down

Use a warm heat wrap and place it around your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and relax your face, neck, upper chest, and back muscles. This is a great way to warm up in the winter and really helps to reduce your stress. Another good way to remove tension is to roll a tennis ball across your back and neck for some extra stress reduction.