Treatment for Acne Scarring

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Acne Scars

Anyone double-burdened with watching their teenage acne turn into adult acne scars knows the profound devastation this circumstance can have on self-esteem and life-outlook. Yet, every bit as profound is the utter transformation, physical and emotional; awaiting those who take advantage of a revolutionary change recently underway in cosmetic health.

Acne scars form wherever acne advances to the point of injuring our tissue. These injuries arise as an inflammatory response to sebaceous follicles becoming plugged with oils, bacteria and dead cells. The result is the formation of a scar, that discolored fibrous tissue with abnormal collagen function that replaces our healthy skin. Successful treatment of a scar requires both the removal of damaged epidermal tissue and the stimulation of new collagen to improve the region's tone and texture.

Traditional approaches, topical agents, abrasion therapies, surgery and conventional lasers, either achieve only moderate results, or else destroy unacceptable amounts of healthy tissue along with the scar. The more effective techniques can also require a great deal of recovery time.

A monumental breakthrough came only recently when the FDA cleared Fraxel® Laser Treatment for acne scars after studies showed that the new laser could be far more effective than traditional therapies at both removing damaged tissue and inducing the formation of new collagen.

"In our practice, we have treated hundreds of acne scarring patients with the Fraxel® Laser, and we've seen significant improvements on all areas of the face, particularly the cheeks and temple area." – Paul Friedman, M.D., Houston, TX

"I suffered from cystic acne as a teenager, and as a result I ended up with really deep acne scars. I used to wear heavy foundation, but my acne scars were so bad that makeup couldn't even cover them. Now, after three treatments with the Fraxel® Laser, my skin is so much smoother and even my pores got smaller. I think the technology promotes a more natural healing approach that produces even better results than the surgical procedures I've tried in the past." - Megan

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