Skin Care Treatments for Better Skin

Ultrasonic Facial (deep pore cleansing)

The Ultrasonic Facial is by far our most popular in demand facial.  It is a clinical treatment developed by physicians that uses state-of-the-art resurfacing techniques. Water is penetrated into your pores at 28,000 times per second to flush out oil, dirt & dead skin.  The Ultrasonic facial exfoliates 20-50% of the epidermis. This process kills bacteria & reduces inflammation and acne. Customized ampoules of products are then infused into the epidermis. A micro-current stimulates collagen and elastin production, incredibly healing, hydrating & age-defying.  $125 or 3 for $300

Oxygen Facial

This amazing new treatment can literally breathe new life into your skin. Using pure oxygen and a unique rejuvenation serum, Oxygen Infusion Therapy not only provides immediate and visible results to all skin types, but can continue to improve the overall health, texture, hydration and elasticity of your skin.

Oxygen facials combat visible signs of aging linked to poor conveyance of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin. They address the deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis. A stream of high-pressurized oxygen infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extracts are applied to the face and neck. The oxygen absorbs the moisturizing agents into the skin for a smoother, plumper look, providing a healthy glow.    $150 or 3 for $375


The Mega Peel EX machine performs both crystal and diamond Microdermabrasion — one of the top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in the United States.

Microdermabrasion, is an exfoliation of the skin. The procedure involves the use of minute crystals that are sprayed with a precise amount of force over the surface of the skin. The crystals are then vacuumed off along with the accumulation of dead skin cells resulting in the disappearance of a dull looking skin.   The Mega Peel is a safe, non-surgical approach to skin care, without the use of lasers or acids.   Results are cumulative, and improvement increases with a number of treatments.  No downtime is required and it is designed to reverse the signs of aging and clear up skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.   Each Microdermabrasion treatment finishes with a calming mask

Face and Neck $125 or 3 for $300

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

What kind of improvements can I expect with these Medical Grade Chemical Peels?

  • Improvement of acne
  • Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased smoothness of skin texture
  • Mild smoothing of acne scars
  • Lightening of pigmentation (age spots/sun spots)
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Increased skin glow and radiance

Chemical peels are one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Over time, factors such as sun damage, heredity, diet, and repetitive muscle movement contribute to the formation of lines and wrinkles in the face. Additionally, the development of pigmentation irregularities or acne scars can cause skin to lose its smooth, youthful appearance. Often performed on the face, neck, and hands, various types of chemical peels can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, acne scars and uneven pigmentation.*

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The Vi Peel™   (Vitality Peel)

*NEW*  Medical Grade Medium/Deep Chemical Peel from “Vitality” Co.

 The Vi Peel ™ contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types.  This peel improves the tone, texture and clarity of the skin.  It reduces age/sun spots (including melasma), and softens lines and wrinkles.  The Vi Peel ™ is an excellent choice to address acne and reduce or smooth acne scars,  while stimulating the production of collagen, for healthier, firmer, more youthful ski.*  The Vi Peel ™ provides dramatic results with virtually no pain, no skin preparation and minimal downtime.       


Glycolic Peel (Superficial) fine lines, sensitive skin, dry/dehydrated skin $100
Alpha Beta Peel (Superficial) fine lines, acne/oily, dry/dehydrated skin $100
Salicylic Peel (Superficial/Medium) II acne/oily, pigmentation $125
Lactic/Kojic or Hydroquinone Peel (Medium) II fine lines, pigmentation, sensitive skin, dry/dehydrated skin $125
Jessner Peel (Medium/Deep)III fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne/oily, acne scars, dry/dehydrated skin $175
TCA Peel (Medium/Deep)III deep wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation $175

*Individual Results and Length of Results May Vary.

*For optimum results a series of peels is recommended.  15% OFF a package of 3 treatments.

*50% OFF any peel added on to any Facial or Microdermabrasion Treatment (does not include Vi Peel).