Sublime ™ Skin Tightening for Skin Laxity and Jowls

Radiofrequency and Infrared Light

Sublime ™ uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energies to precisely heat the dermal tissue within the targeted treatment area.

Sublime ™ is a solution for targeting those telltale signs of aging, including, jowl and neck laxity, sagginess under the eyes, and nasolabial folds. Unlike conventional laser skin tightening treatments that are time and treatment intensive, and often too painful for many patients, Sublime offers virtually painless and fast treatment for sagging wrinkled skin.*

Sublime ™ is slightly different from other skin rejuvenation techniques in that it uses a combination of energy sources to achieve good results. Using bipolar radiofrequency technology alongside infrared light therapy, the treatment encourages the skin to form more collagen, a natural skin component that provides elasticity, lift, and tightening. Collagen forms gradually over time, so some patience and multiple treatments are required.1



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sensation of the Sublime Treatment?
Sublime involves no pain or discomfort.

What is the Recovery with Sublime?

The treatments require no recovery or “downtime”. The non invasive nature allows clients to return to normal activities right after the treatment. Most people notice no side effects at all but temporary reddening of the skin may occur.Sublime-skin-b&a

What can I expect for Results?

Sublime is a safe way to get subtle anti-aging results. Following the recommended number of treatments (which vary depending on the client) and enough time to allow collagen to form, Sublime can produce a number of positive effects to the patient’s facial appearance. These results often include:*

  • Firming effect in lax skin
  • Tightening of jowls
  • Better overall skin quality
  • Decreased fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved facial contouring

Is it safe?

Yes. Sublime is FDA cleared for Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Treatment. The precise heating of the targeted treatment area ensures a safe and effective treatment.

Is Sublime right for me?

Sublime radiofrequency enables this treatment to be a safe and effective solution for all skin types.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Sublime™ varies from person to person.  Treatment price is based on factors such as number of treatment areas and patient response to the treatment.